Registration is required for the PGDay on Friday the 30th only. Attendance to the FOSDEM devroom is free, as always, and requires no registration.

Registration is now open! Read the details below, and then proceed to the registration form to register and pay.


The conference currently has no empty seats. But if you are interested in joining, please sign up on our waitlist, and we will get you a seat immediately if somebody cancels their reservation. To sign up on the waitlist, proceed with the registration form as normally, and pick registration type waitlist. As soon as a seat shows up, we will contact you by email to complete the registration.

There is no cost to be on the waitlist, and you will be charged the regular attendance fee if you are moved off the waitlist and get a seat at the conference.

Registration fee

The registration fee is €50 for all attendees who are not speakers or staff.

The registration fee includes access to all sessions during the Friday as well as catered lunch and coffee with snacks during the breaks.

Registration options

Registration type Fee Comments
Standard €50 Available to everybody
Speaker Free Available to confirmed speakers only


We accept payments by credit card, or PayPal (who will also accept credit cards if you don't wish to use our primary card payment processor).

When to register

There are a limited number of seats available during the Friday, so we strongly recommend that you register as soon as possible. It also makes the planning work much easier for the organizers.


If you need to cancel your registration after you have paid, please contact us for manual handling, just modifying the registration form will not cancel your registration.

If you cancel at least 4 weeks before the conference, we will refund you the full cost of the registration, minus any transaction fees.

If you cancel at least 2 weeks before the conference, we will refund you 50% of the cost of the registration, minus any transaction fees.

If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the conference, we will refund you 25% of the cost of the registration, minus any transaction fees.

Bulk payment

We also have a bulk payment system available for those who wish to register multiple attendees and pay on a single invoice. This system is intended for companies who wish to send many employees or vendors/providers who wish to pay for their customers to go to the conference. As it includes more steps, it is recommended that the regular registration process is used when possible.

To use the bulk payment system, please follow the following process:

  • Each individual attendee uses the regular registration form to register, including filling out all details and possible additional options such as training. This is necessary since the connected account is used in all communication with the attendee, including participating in events and feedback. The attendee does not proceed to payment of the registration.
  • The person in charge of payment (who does not need to be one of the attendees, but can be) proceeds to the bulk payment page, and fills in the invoicing details.
  • The person in charge of payment fills in all the email addresses for the attendees to pay for on this page, validates that the total cost is correct, and generates an invoice. Generating the invoice locks all registrations against modifications, but just as with regular registrations they are not confirmed until the invoice is paid.
  • The person in charge of payment pays the invoice using creditcard or paypal. Note that the invoice is due on receipt just like all other registrations.
  • When the invoice is paid in the system, all attached registrations will automatically be confirmed, and the attendees added to the mailinglist. Only the person in charge of payment will receive a PDF copy of the receipt for the transaction.